OLIS-TLAA 2011 (Bangkok)

Theme: Management of Life Insurance Company - Focusing on Risk Management and Marketing Strategy
Period: 2011/9/29-30

  • Report
Seminar Lecturer
1. Present and Future of Japanese Life Insurance Industry
Mr. Kenichi Suzuki
Hoken-sha (Insurance Scoop Co.)
Managing Editor of Editorial & Sales Dept.
2. Life Insurance Industry's Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake
Mr. Masami Tsubaki
The Life Insurance Association of Japan
General Manager, General Affairs Dept.
Head of Center for Searching for Life Insurance Contracts in Disaster Areas
3. Enterprise Risk Management
Dr. Tsutomu Chano
Musashi University
Professor of Faculty of Economics Department of Finance
4. FSA's Effort on Life Insurer's Risk Management- Including its View on Great East Japan Earthquake
Dr. Nobuyasu Uemura
Financial Services Agency
Risk Analysis of Insurance Industry Supervisory Bureau
Deputy Director

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