Mission & History

Our Mission and Activities

Our mission and activities are stated as below in the act of endowment (articles of association).


OLICD Center's mission is to contribute widely to the sound development of life insurance business through mutual understanding cultivated by deepening knowledge about life insurance and bringing up capable personnel.


We carry on the following activities to fulfill the above mission.

  1. Education and training at home and abroad
  2. Promotion of international mutual understanding
  3. Scholarship and promotion of education
  4. Other activities to achieve the goals of this foundation

OLICD Center's History

The Kyoei Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (presently Gibraltar Life Insurance Co., Ltd.) founded Oriental Life Insurance Cultural Development Center (incorporated foundation) in 1967 in commemoration of its 20th anniversary. The intent was for OLICD Center to do basic research for the promotion of insurance for people with substandard health. Kyoei Life was interested in reinsuring this type of business, as well as supporting the sound development of life insurance business in the Asian region.

Founded by the late Dr. Saburo Kawai, president of the Kyoei Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (presently Gibraltar Life Insurance Co., Ltd.) with funds contributed by the Kyoei Life.
OLICD Center supported the first Actuarial Seminar of East Asia (ASEA) sponsored by the Institute of Actuaries of Japan (IAJ).
OLICD Center held the first Oriental Life Insurance Seminar (OLIS).
OLIS Alumni Association was organized in each Asian country.
OLICD Center started seminars in Asian countries.
The Kyoei Life contributed JPY 300M to OLICD Center in commemoration of its 40th anniversary.
Dr. Saburo Kawai contributed JPY 1B to OLICD Center.
The Kyoei Life contributed JPY 30 M. (Kyoei Life's contribution in total amounted to JPY 1,240 M.)
Dr. Saburo Kawai passed away. JPY 220 M was contributed based on his will. OLICD Center started annual publication.
The Gibraltar Life took over the Kyoei Life.
OLICD Center changed its Japanese title.
Celebrated its 40th anniversary.
Authorized as a public-interest incorporated foundation
Celebrated its 45th anniversary.
Celebrated its 50th anniversary.