Excellent Video Reviewers

Thank you for taking the time to write your reviews on our lecture videos. All reviews are reviewed by the OLIS secretariat and for particularly excellent reviews, we show our gratitude with an appreciation certificate and a small gift. The persons who write us excellent lecture video reviews are as follows (Listed only with the consent of each person).

Lecture: Long-Term Care Insurance in Japan Ⅰ & Ⅱ

Lecturer: Mr. Yoshihiro Syuto, President, Oriental Life Insurance Cultural Development Center
Submission Date: March 15, 2022

Abu Saeed, Pragati Life Insurance Limited, Ban gladesh.
Andrew Liu, Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd, Taiwan
Do Thi Thu Hanh, Vietnam Insurance Development Institute, Vietnam

Lecture: Demographic Trends in Japan and the Future of Life Insurance I & II

Lecturer: Ms. Naoko Kuga, Senior Researcher, Social Improvement and Life Design Research NLI Research Institute
Submission date: September 15, 2021

Abu Saeed, Pragati Life Insurance Limited, Bangladesh.
Li Hsin-Nan, Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd, Taiwan
Tzu-Yi Liao (Julie Liao), The Life Insurance Association of the Republic of China, Taiwan

Lecture: Aging in Asia I & II

Lecturer: Keiichiro Oizumi, Ph. D. Professor, Institute of Asian Studies Asia University
Submission date: June 15, 2021

Lin Hui Chun, Shin Kong Life Insurance Ltd, Taiwan
Maria Angelita Q. Rufin, Insurance Commission, Philippines
Kanokpit Rungroj, Office of Insurance Commission (OIC), Thailand
Yunyun Zulpikor, Taspen Life, Indonesia