OLIS 2017 Spring

Theme: Life Insurance sales and customer protection
Period: 2017/5/25-30

Seminar Lecturer
1. Marketing and Customer Protection at Insurance Shops and
the Online Life Insurance Companies
Mr. Kenichi Suzuki
Managing Editor,
Editorial & Sales Department
Hoken-sha (Insurance Scoop Co.)
2. Prudential Group Agent Channel and Customer Services
Handouts: non-disclosure
Mr. Hirohiko Ohkawa
Senior Vice President
Prudential International Insurance
3. Business of PGF Life and Customer Protection
Handouts: non-disclosure
Mr. Tsuyoshi Maruyama
Executive Officer
The Prudential Gibraltar
Financial Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
4. Regulations on Independent Agencies (IAs)
for the Purpose of Customer Protection and Future Sales Strategies
Mr. Kei Kato
Team Leader,
IA Administration Control Team
The Gibraltar Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
Mr. Hisanari Murata
Team Leader,
IA Hiring & Training Team
The Gibraltar Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
5. Corporate Strategy ~Dai-ichi Life
Mr. Katsutoshi Saito
Senior Advisor
The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited
6. Customer Voice Management Readiness in Japan
and Current Status of POJ
Handouts: non-disclosure
Mr. Atsushi Usuki
Corporate Vice President
The Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd.
7. Cases handled by Insurance Professional
Mr. Ikuo Murata
Senior Consulting Life Planner
Shutoken 3 Agency
The Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd.
8. Group Discussion
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