OLIS 2016 Spring

Theme: Marketing Strategy by Channel
Period: 2016/5/26-31

Seminar Lecturer
1. Life Insurance Distribution in Japan & Nippon Life's Distribution Strategy
Handouts: non-disclosure
Mr. Jun Okubo
Marketing Planning Department
Nippon Life Insurance Company
2. New Purchase Style Over-the-Counter Insurance Shop
Mr. Kenichi Suzuki
Managing Editor,
Editorial & Sales Department
Hoken-sha (Insurance Scoop Co.)
3. Association Business of Gibraltar Life
Handouts: non-disclosure
Mr. Akihisa Maekawa
Corporate Vice President
The Gibraltar Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
4. Future of Life Insurance
    –Lifenet's Challenge
Handouts: non-disclosure
Mr. Haruaki Deguchi
Chairman & CEO
Lifenet Insurance Company
5. Strategy and Policy of Independent Agency Channel
Handouts: non-disclosure
Mr. Hisanari Murata
Team Leader, IA Sales Training Team
The Gibraltar Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
6. Sales Strategy of PGF Life
Mr. Tsuyoshi Maruyama
Vice President, Marketing Strategy and Support Division
The Prudential Gibraltar Financial Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
7. Life Planner Model
Handouts: non-disclosure
Mr. Yutaka Sammori
Senior Advisor
The Prudential Life Insurance Company, Ltd.

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