OLIS 2015 Autumn

Theme: Risk Management
Period: 2015/11/5-10

Seminar Lecturer
1. ERM and CERA
Handouts: non-disclosure
Mr. Masaaki Yoshimura
Fellow, The Institute of Actuaries of Japan
Representative in Japan & Managing Director
2. IT Risk
Handouts: non-disclosure
Mr.Motoaki Higaki
System Risk Management Officer
The Prudential Gibraltar Financial Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
3. Bankruptcy Risk and Bankruptcy Process
of Life Insurers
Mr. Nobuyasu Uemura, Ph.D.
Managing Director
Capitas Consulting Corporation
4. Investment Risk
Handouts: non-disclosure
Ms. Fumiko Hiraoka
Team Leader, Investment Risk Management Team
The Prudential Life Insurance Company, Ltd.
5. Risk Management of Life Insurance Companies
Handouts: non-disclosure
Mr. Eiichi Fujimoto
Corporate Vice President
Chief Risk Management Officer
The Prudential Life Insurance Company, Ltd.
6. Insurance Underwriting Risk
Handouts: non-disclosure
Mr. Mitsuhiro Ishimura
Senior Underwriter, New Business Service Team
The Gibraltar Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
7. Internal Audit Functions - the Third Line of Defense
Handouts: non-disclosure
Ms. Momoko Nagayoshi
Senior Audit Manager, CISA
Prudential Financial, Inc., Japan Representative Office

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