OLIS 2014 Spring

Theme: How to manage sales : Developing sales channels and appropriate customer protection system
Period: 2014/5/15-20

Seminar Lecturer
1. Historical Overview of Life Insurance Distribution System in Japan
Ms. Yingying Jiang, Ph. D.
Research Fellow
Graduate School of Commerce and Management
Hitotsubashi University
Lecturer, Faculty of Economics, Meiji Gakuin University
2. Agent Channel and Customer Protection
Mr. Hiroaki Sakamoto
Senior Vice President
Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer
The Prudential Life Insurance Co., Ltd
3. Bancassurance Channel and Consumer Protection
- Regulation and the Elderly Protection
Handouts: non-disclosure
Mr. Shu Fukuchi
Team Leader
Financial Institutions Channel Administration Team
The Prudential Gibraltar Financial Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
4. Response to Complaints and Claims Settlement
Handouts: non-disclosure
Ms. Shiho Onoe
Corporate Vice President
Customer Service Group
The Gibraltar Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
5. Agency Channel and Customer Protection
Mr. Masaaki Iwazaki
Team Leader
IA Business Strategy Team
The Gibraltar Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
6. Insurance Shops and Internet
Mr. Kenichi Suzuki
Managing Editor
Editorial & Sales Dept.
Hoken-sha (Insurance Scoop Co.)
International Information Exchange
Bangladesh China Indonesia Korea Malaysia Myanmar Pakistan Philippines Sri Lanka Taiwan Thailand Uzbekistan Vietnam Japan

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