OLIS 2010 Autumn

Theme: Life Insurance Business and Management Strategy in Japan
Period: 2010/10/21-26

  • Report
Seminar Lecturer
1. The Overview of Life Insurance Business
Mr. Shusaku Noguchi
OLICD Center
Managing Director
2. The Trend of Life Insurance Industry
Mr. Hideki Ishii
Insurance Journalist and Editor of "inswatch"
3. Regulations on Life Insurance
Mr. Takashi Koto
OLICD Center
4. Life Planner System and Training Program
Handouts: non-disclosure
Mr. Hiroaki Sakamoto
The Prudential Life Insurance Company .,Ltd
Vice President
5. The Responses to Financial Crisis and Globalization of Solvency Supervision/Financial Reporting
Mr. Masanori Sakasai
The Gibraltar Life Insurance Company .,Ltd
Corporate Vice President
6. The Marketing Strategy of Dai-ichi Life
Mr. Katsutoshi Saito
The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company .,Ltd
Deputy Chairman

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